Walraven - On The Fast Track

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Walraven - On The Fast Track.

For many years, Walraven have been offering an extensive range of innovative fixing products designed for the rail industry

Walraven experience have been used for Permanent Way applications on various prestigious rail projects,such as the Hong Kong Mass Transit Rail and the London Docklands Light Railway. Recently, the company has had further success on the UK's Rail network.

Walraven extensive selection of standard fixings specifically designed to be rebost enough to function effectively on the Permanent Way - in situations subject to high vibration, movement, moisture, oil and significant temperature variation.

The RHC range by Walraven, is versatile enough to allow fixings to most of the tail types currently in use, and will accommodate various manufacturers Points Heating and Sensor components. The RHC range offers cable management for many power and data applications.

Many of the rail fixings have developed following close consultation with Rail professionals who requested help to provide solutions to specific problems. With, in particular, the proliferation of modern cable based systems on rail networks, Walraven  are ready and willing to offer a flexible, custom designed and manufacturing service to industry partners.

The primary function of Walraven RHC fixings is to secure electrical points heating systems, Walraven fixings are easily and rapidly installed simply by hammering onto the foot of the rail. Once in place, they powerfully resist the movement and vibration, and cope extremely well with corrosive conditions.

Walraven Railclips incorporate features that enhance fixing security and therefore improve safety:

- Robust and vibration resistant

- Resistant to corrosive environments

- Quick and simple to install

- Special uptilted leading edge that enables the clip to rise up and over the heating element as it is being installed

If you would like more information on Walraven and their rail solutions - especially with regards to HS2 - please Click Here contact our technical team for free advice technical@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk or 0121 706 7777