Walraven Case Study - complex bridge installation

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Walraven Case Study - complex bridge installation.

Heavy duty pipe supports – a versatile solution for complex bridge installation

eavy duty pipe supports (or HD Clamps)  are modern pipe clamps used for supporting heavy load pipework. They have been designed using state of the art manufacturing methods and with quick and easy installation in mind. Walraven HD Clamps are versatile, high quality (RAL quality certified) clamps that are ideal for dealing with extreme forces in indoor and outdoor environments.

Here is an example of how heavy duty pipe supports have been used in practice.

Bridge development.

We were approached to help design the support system for two new district heating pipelines running under a newly constructed bridge spanning the River Avon.

The problem

There were several complexities on this project. Firstly, due to the corrosive environment around this installation, special consideration had to be given to the surface protection of the components specified

Secondly, high levels of pipe movement were expected from both the thermal expansion of the pipework and movement of the bridge itself. This included linear expansion and a vertical shift in the pipe.

And finally, the pipework was 150NB pre-insulated, giving added complications when creating fixing points where surface pressure would not exceed the pipe manufacturers guidelines.

he solution – heavy duty pipe supports

Our technical advisers carried out thermal movement calculations and designed all of the relevant pipe supports for this bridge.

All products recommended in our design solution had our special BIS UltraProtect® coating which can withstand up to 1000 hrs salt spray test, ensuring the best corrosion protection. (Hot-dip galvanised products last only up to 600 hrs.)

Heavy duty pipe supports were used to deal with the loads and the pre-insulated pipe. Expansion devices were installed to allow for the linear thermal movement.

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