Small changes can make a big difference

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Small changes can make a big difference

Standard pipe clamps, gapless range

Our new and improved 2S range offers a high quality, competitively priced standard clamp to fix steel, copper and multi-layer pipes from Ø 10mm up to and including Ø 225mm. Our full range of sizes are available both with and without lining, and have an optimised steel design making them suitable for medium loads in accordance to RAL GZ-655.

Features and benefits

◾Two-screw clamp

◾For insulated and uninsulated pipes

◾NEW: extra sizes added to offer complete, gapless range Ø 10 – 225mm

◾NEW: Optimised steel design for added strength

◾Screws secured with anti-loss washer

◾NEW: Good strength vs material usage

◾NEW: Medium safe load according RAL GZ-655

◾Material: Steel

◾Surface treatment: Zinc plated

◾Lining: EPDM

Type of pipe



◾Plastic (multi-layer)

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