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Unistrut is actively auditing various installations for key blue chip end users to limit the risk from counterfeit product which provide lower performance?

Only a full Unistrut system comes with a full 10 year warranty and a verified calculation.

he full system comprises of authentic Unistrut Channel, stamped with the Unistrut mark and full traceable QBN number, a Unistrut branded Channel Nut, and a Unistrut stamped Bracket.

Imitation and non-approved Unistrut product removes all system integrity, and any associated performance cannot be underwritten by Unistrut.

Make sure its authentic Unistrut, look for the Unistrut marking and ask for it by name.

For information on how Unistrut can support, and verify the integrity of products on your next installation, contact our dedicated Unistrut team today!

Please contact our technical team for more information on technical@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk or Click Here