Unistrut Trolley Systems in stock

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Unistrut Trolley Systems in stock

Unistrut Trolley System … a world of  support, for keeping production on track…. efficient, economical overhead mobility.

The Unistrut® trolley system offers important advantages over other systems, including greater efficiency, better economy and easier installation

1) TROLLEYS Stainless-steel wheel bearings and  steel or acetyl wheels require no  lubrication, providing smooth, maintenance-free operation and  long life.

2) SPECIAL SUPPORT FITTINGS … provide strong support while  keeping track interior obstruction-fre3

3) CHANNEL TRACK Inturned edges form strong, low-friction bearing surfaces

An efficient system that keeps your jobs moving

The Unistrut trolley system moves equipment from 10 to 600 lbs., with reliability, ease and economy.  Trolleys can be ganged to accommodate higher loads.  Unistrut trolleys, featuring  corrosion-free stainless wheel  bearings and steel or acetyl wheels that require no lubrication, deliver built-in value and dependability for  a wide range of applications. Throughout the system, famous Unistrut quality assures dependable, trouble-free performance. Simple, versatile, and  easy to install

Composed of three basic elements—  trolleys, track and supports—  Unistrut trolley systems are efficient and economical. 

Five different trolleys give users a wide range of weight capacities and suspension options,  to allow tailoring of the system to exact application needs.  

Track is available in 20-foot sections and can be easily field cut according to project requirements.  Longer lengths and curved sections are  available on special order.  A complete system of easy-to-use supports, including beam clamps, make  installation a breeze. 

IDEAL FOR:       

• Pneumatic Tools         

• Lubrication Systems           

• Die Handling

• Moveable Dividers

• Rolling Doors

• Welding Curtains                   

• Material Transfer

Please speak to our Unistrut Technical Team on unistrut@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk or 0121 706 7777.

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