Unistrut TTT Triple Slotted Channel

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Unistrut TTT Triple Slotted Channel.

The original UNISTRUT metal framing system

• Triple Slotted Design

• Multiple Fixing Points

• Quick On-Site Configuration

• Available in Multiple Finishes

Designed to serve as an even faster on-site solution, the triple slotted channel allows for quicker on-site configuration and assembly through the use of multiple

fixing points along the length of channel.

The perfect solution for common fabrications including H-Frames and Trapeze hangers, the triple slotted channel can be supplied in 3 or 6 metre lengths.

Manufactured to the same high quality as the entire Unistrut range, the TTT system comes with all the same QBN and Traceability benefits as standard Unistrut


Engraved with both the QBN and manufacturers name, the engraving should also be clearly visible at all times, even when the product has undergone further

finishing treatments i.e. Hot-Dip Galvanised, Epoxy Coating.

Contractors and distributors should be aware of cheap imported and nonstandard products that have removable or no product marking at all, as this is not

within the standard.