Unistrut QRN Kwikstrut

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Unistrut QRN Kwikstrut.

Reducing Design, Installation Costs And Ease Of Use

Unistrut QRN channel nut, also know as Kwikstrut is the fastest and easiest way to mount your channel fittings.

The unique 3 in 1 design allows fixings to hold themselves in place with easy adjustment of positioning; giving the installer freedom to mount fittings (even on a vertical axis) with ease.

Unistrut Kwikstrut nuts replace traditional spring nuts and flat plate washers for hanging threaded rod from channel. It's simple click and turn installation reducing installation time and is particularly suited to overhead working. 

These handy Quick Channel Nuts twist directly into the channel with one hand in a simple operation. The Unistrut Kwikstrut takes the place of both the spring nut and the plate washer.

Kwikstrut comes in a variety of styles for use with threaded bars, bolts and brackets to suit your application.


Up to 50% reduction of installation time

3 seperate parts replaced by 1 unified part*

Easy adjustment of fittings on the channel

Overhead installation with one hand

A complete bracketry package

Please contact our technical team on unistrut@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk for more information or help with the project you are working on.

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