Unistrut P1000 Channel

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Genuine Unistrut steel channel has been specially designed as support systems for M&E (mechanical & electrical) usage and installations. 

Unistrut channel can be attached to existing steelwork or concrete inserts, or directly into walls, ceilings, and event to floors with Unistrut channel accessories. 

Unistrut channel comes in a number of finishes, Plain Oil (PO), Pre-Galvanised (PG), Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG) and Stainless Steel (SS) and in either plain or slotted (11mm or 14mm) 

Channel lengths are 3 meter or 6 meters, but we can offer cutting service to cut down to your size

Features and Benefits

Unistrut 10-year warranty – trust in a brand

Material thickness is 2.5mm and the internal slot width is 22mm

Slots are sized for an inch threaded rod or fastener

Channel size is 41x41mm

Product Weight is 2.8kg/m


Unistrut's P1000T range is the original framing strut bracket and has been used in countless applications for over 90 years. It is more commonly known as a 12 Gauge Standard or Deep Slotted Channel.

Seismic bracing

Ceiling grids


Duct and cable tray supports

Trapeze supports

General framing applications

This channel is most suitable for use by electrical and mechanical contractors for pipework or ducting