Metal Framing Cost of Ownership

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The standard requires that products are stamped with BS 6946:1988 and also the name of the manufacturer.

Unistrut® show that the standard is achieved by rolling the channel with the part number along with the full name of the Standard BS6946:1988, and also their own UNISTRUT® branding. This is, as it should be, stamped into the Channel to ensure that you can clearly identify our product over the inferior product that is creeping into the market place.

The engraving should also be clearly visible at all times, even when the product has under gone further finishing treatments i.e. Hot Dip Galvanised, Epoxy Coating.

Contractors and distributors should be aware of cheap imported and non-standard products that have removable or no product marking at all, as this is not within the Standard.

The support Channel System is normally the product that supports the majority of the building services in any installation. They know how important this product is to any installation, and how important it can be to have confidence in the pedigree of the material used, so we use a QBN (Quality Batch Number) stamped on every length of Unistrut that they manufacture. With this code we can trace the material used back to the original coil supplied and back to the mill certificate. This means you have peace of mind whenever you supply Unistrut product it meets the performance that they publish.

It clearly shows you that we take ownership of these products and that these products, when used in a total Unistrut® metal framing solution qualify for our 10 year warranty.

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