Metal Framing Cost Of Ownership

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Metal Framing Cost Of Ownership.

Are you selling product that doesn’t conform to the British Standard?

Is this worth your clients or your own reputation?

Do you realise that YOUR OWN BUSINESS could be liable if these products fail?


In this increasingly competitive market with copies and lower quality unbranded metal framing products and their lack of a traceable steel pedigree and certification, can you afford to run the risk of specifying or fitting non-safe products?

Yes it may look as though you save a few pence per meter up front, but when it gets right down to what’s important to you, those few pence saved could end up costing you far more when product performance lets you down and causes a failure or far worse a safety issue.

When it comes to the quality of the metal framing products that support your power cabling and essential facilities, by not making sure you specify a suitable performing product or not checking that what you specify is fitted, you run the risk of installing products not fit for purpose or worse unsafe.

Key points

BS6946:1988 specification for product marking requires that products are stamped with BS 6946:1988 and also the name of the manufacturer, engraved deep into the Channel to ensure that you can clearly identify the product and be clearly visible at all times, even when the product has under gone further finishing treatments i.e. Hot Dip Galvanised, Epoxy Coating.

Load / Slip Testing to BS6946:1988 The design and manufacture of the product is as important to its load carrying capability as the quality of the steel used. Poor forming, incomplete returns, poor welding will all reduce the load and slip capacity of the product, With a serrated internal edge the slip characteristic can be greatly enhanced.

Product Traceability Quality Batch Number (QBN) is stamped on the product enables total traceability from steel manufacturer, though production to delivery.

THE SECURITY OF A QUALITY BRAND … As Unistrut® celebrates its 90th anniversary; we pride ourselves as much today on the quality of our products as we did in 1924, by only using quality steels backed by certification and testing all our products to relevant BS standards, we are so confident in our total systems performance we back it with a 10 year warranty

TRACEABILITY We also understand that provenance of the materials we use can be a major factor, with this in mind we clearly stamp on the side of all our Channel a unique code (QBN code) that enables traceability of the steel provenance back to the manufacturer and the production batch, giving you the confidence that you get the performance we state and we also stamp Unistrut® on every component to make them easy to identify.

PEDIGREE AND PRODUCT Working through a wide range of industries, Unistrut® products help to support the infrastructure that is vital to modern industry. Their team of experts design and deliver projects that help keep industry functioning.

Unistrut® began developing and manufacturing products 1924, with the original Unistrut® metal framing system and over the years we have added an extensive cable management range to our portfolio including Cable Ladder, Cable Tray, Cable Basket and Steel trunking, available in a variety of finishes to suit your application demands.

If you would like more information or support, please could our Unistrut team on or 0121 706 7777