Unistrut IP4X Trunking Range

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Unistrut IP4X Trunking Range

All Unistrut Trunking lids can be fastened with tamper-proof screws into hank bushes which are secured into the return flange of the trunking body. There are 6 fixing points per side as standard giving 12 secure fixings in total. This can be increased if required to suit the intended usage environment.

The system can also include a steel gauge up to 1.5mm thick if required to further enhance it and provide greater physical strength. The trunking system can be made impenetrable up to IP4X at all joints to stop foreign objects over 1.0mm gaining access to the cables within

Unistrut’s IP4X systems are independently tested to IEC 60529:3013.

IP4X systems BS7671 IET IP4X compliant