Introducing the Unistrut Cable Tray Range

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The Unistrut Cable Tray Range

The complete range of Unistrut cable Tray for use in Light, Medium and Heavy duty applications. Available in a variety of sizes the Unistrut system provides the ultimate in flexibility, quality and speed in cable management. Ideal for all you cable applications from low power control & signalling to mains power supply cabling. With a complete range of fixings and accessories including bends and risers.

- All material is European standard graded-

- Available in UK standard slot pattern

- Available in multiple finishes for a wide range of jobs, including Galvanised and Stainless Steel.

- An extensive range of dedicated accessories, bracketry and support systems.

- Commercial buildings, including office blocks, shopping centres and super markets

- Hospitals, Data centres, correction facilities

- Infrastructure applications such as Airports, road and rail tunnels.

- Automotive industry

- Petrochemical, Food and Beverage and general industrial applications

Speak to our dedicated Unistrut technical team for help on the right solution on, 0121 706 7777