Understand more about our rooftop support modules

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Understand more about our rooftop support modules

We have a number of specialists suppliers that can offer a rooftop solution for your needs.

Suppliers such as Unistrut and Pump House’s rooftop systems are quick to install solutions for carrying a series of rooftop services, including mechanical & electrical containment and air handling units.

Unistrut Rooftop Support Modules Solutions

The Unistrut range of products have been designed to offer an economical & time saving solution for mounting building services, such as pipe work, electrical containment, air conditioning & refrigeration equipment on flat roofs

Key Features

• Available as base units & extension units

• Height adjustable from 300 to 405mm

• Fully load tested

• Designed to support all types of rooftop services, including air handling units

• Comes in kit form for easy shipping and storage

• Easy to follow assembly instructions included

• Extender frames add on to base frame offering design flexibility

Key Features

Each Uniframe module has complete installation flexibility, able to accept any length of Unistrut channel, and with adjustable height legs, Uniframe is the perfect solution for all types of rooftop support projects.

Adjustable Height

Uniframe's adjustable foot pedestal allows for unit height to be increased or decreased by over 100mm to suit on site applications

All in the box

Each component required to assemble a base or extension is supplied in the box, ready to install with all required accessories and components

Channel you can trust

All products in the Uniframe range are assembled using Unistrut channel and supporting products, ensuring the highest quality throughout

Our Prefabricated & Modular services have been extended to include Marco Cable Management’s uPVC trunking systems, designed to carry high capacity power and data cabling in a number of installation environments.

Bespoke solutions made to measure

Marco's prefabricated service is designed to save the contractor time and money during on-site application of the products.

Each unit is supplied ready-made, with all required accessories and fittings installed. By supplying our units in this way, Marco can help ensure that there is less excess waste, and less time spent working with our products on site, generating a considerable time and cost saving.

Multiple applications and specifications

Marco’s products are designed to suit a wide range of project applications, and as a result are able to adhere to any type of project specification.

From anti-microbial protection for projects in the healthcare sector, to DDA and Part M compliance for projects in the education sector, Marco have a solution for any project requirement, and offer a wide degree of flexibility in design and service.

Contact our technical team on technical@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk for free advice and help on the best Unistrut and Pump House solution for your needs

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