The NEW Fischer SX Plus Expansion Plug

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The NEW Fischer SX Plus Expansion Plug

fischers own version of a Red, Yellow & Brown Plug!  

Welcome the NEW SX Plus wall plug to the fischer DIY range. Thanks to it's 4-way expansion the SX Plus is the specialist plug for solid building materials such as concrete, sand-lime and brick. The high-quality nylon materials guarantees a permanently secure hold in the solid building materials. The unique feature of the plug has special fixing blades that will hold your screw and not fall out which is particularly helpful in overhead applications or when two hands are required for levelling


> The 4-way expansion plug ensures maximum strength into the building material to guarantee high loads in solid building materials. 

> The special wings firmly hold the screw in place, so both of the users hands are free during the installation process. 

> The neck of the plug helps prevent damage to tiles and plaster while screwing in the screw. > The special shape of the plug makes it easy to insert into the drill hole and stops rotation and over insertion to save time

Key feature - Extra Hold 

When the plug is inserted into the the drill hole, the wings are folded inwards. Once the screw is added, it is locked in place by the wings and cannot fall out. This is particularly useful in overhead applications. The plug edge also prevents the plug from slipping deeper into the drill hole

fischer DuoLine 

The DuoXpand is the fifth member of the innovative DuoLine product family. The clever combination of materials and function enables new functional principles and application possibilities compared to usual solutions. The function-optimised design makes the DuoLine members the most powerful product in their category. You too can discover the many advantages of the DuoLine.

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