The Minkel MatrixCube is the perfect solution for EDGE datacenters.

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Fully integrated with redundant power and cooling, easy and fast setup

Minkels' customer research showed that not all companies are ready for outsourcing their IT infrastructure; many of them prefer to keep their IT infrastructure, in whole or in part, within their own organisation. This is the reason that Minkels and its parent company Legrand have developed the MatrixCube - a turn-key and reliable mini data centre that is easy to set up. This mini data centre solution is now available in Belgium and the Netherlands, with other countries to follow in Europe and beyond.

"The new fully integrated solution meets the needs of small and medium sized companies that want to keep their IT infrastructure within the four walls of their organisation", according to Vincent Liebe, Marketing Manager at Minkels. "The MatrixCube is also well-suited for companies that want to keep parts of their hybrid IT infrastructure in-house, or some of it in the cloud. We will first introduce the MatrixCube to the Dutch market, followed by other countries where Minkels is active, including Switzerland and the United Kingdom.  After that, we will introduce the MatrixCube globally depending on customer demand." Minkels will present the MatrixCube at the Kannegieter Knowledge Market (the Netherlands) on 24 and 25 May and on 15 and 16 June 2016 at Infosecurity (Belgium, Booth: 03.A047).



About the MatrixCube

 The MatrixCube is a pre-configured, turn-key  IT infrastructure solution specifically designed for small and medium sized companies and is intended to relieve the IT Manager of all IT infrastructure concerns. The Minkels MatrixCube is an easy to install, redundant - N or N+1 or 2N - comprehensive data centre solution with racks, cooling, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Power Distribution Units (PDUs), cable management and monitoring systems. The MatrixCube is also an easy-to-expand solution, thanks to its modular functionalities. The airflow optimisation features ensure energy efficiency, resulting in significant OPEX savings.

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