The Benefits of Water-Based Paint - Environmental & Beyond

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The Benefits of Water-Based Paint - Environmental & Beyond

Read about our sustainable alternative to traditional powder-based coating for Cable Management and Channel products.

Getting Technical

To understand the benefits of this new paint system we must first

understand what it is.

• “Waterborne” means that the paint is made up of resins and pigments that are dispersed in water. These paints dry as the water in the paint evaporates.

• “Epoxy” means that as the paint hardens, it creates a solid finish that can be applied to surfaces as a protective layer.

• “Acrylic” paints are water-soluble but become water-resistant once dry.

When applied under the right conditions, these products perform exceptionally well, especially regarding colour stability.

In summary, this paint is based in water instead of oil, but it is still durable and reliable as traditional solvent-based paints

Why is this Significant?

Because these new paints are based in water, they release fewer harmful emissions than solvent-based alternatives. This is where VOCs come into play. To state it plainly, VOCs, or volatile organic compounds refer to the solvents that release into the air as the paint dries.

Plain and Simple

VOCs can be harmful to humans, the environment, and the atmosphere when emitted in great quantities. Therefore, paints with high VOCs are highly regulated and must be used in small doses.

Water-based paints, on the other hand, are an environmentally friendly alternative. 

The Benefits of Water-Based Paint:

• They are more friendly to the environment with a significantly lower VOC level.

• They can be applied more frequently, speeding up the production process.

• With proper preparation and quality controls, they are equivalent to or better at preventing rust compared to our previous oil-based system.

• The paint colours tend to look richer and last longer compared to oil-based paint.

• They make repainting easier, minimizing the need to sand down the hardened oil-based paint to get the best reapplication.

Zero to Landfill:

• All our tins and waste paint are 100% recycled, we have various “zero to landfill” contracts in place, certificates can be provided to prove this if required.