The Atkore Unistrut Trapeze We Offer

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The Atkore Unistrut Trapeze We Offer

We can support your trapeze requirements with different options, all around your requirements.

DP Building Systems are the industry leaders in offering complete turnkey prefabrication, modular and DfMA services which helps to reduce your labour costs.

The Akotre Unistrut trapeze bracket is used to support cable management solutions which include cable ladder, cable tray but also fully assembled trapeze pipe hanger supports. 

Through our technical team, we can offer a large number of bespoke solutions to meet your individual needs and requirements which include cable tray trapeze, ladder rack trapeze and basket rack trapeze – we utilities the solutions from Atkore Unistrut, Atkore Marco and even Atkore Flytec and Atkore Flexicon, and incorporate suppliers’ solutions from Lindapter, Walraven and Fischer.

All trapezes are made from Atkore Unistrut channel, giving you the security and peace of mind that it is made from the highest standard for the channel.

The pipe support trapeze is a popular design and solution which utilizes Atkore Unistrut as well as other suppliers which include Fischer, Walraven and Lindapter due to every large building requiring a support for pipes. The flexibility that Atkore Unistrut channel offers due to the different sizes we can cut it too.

Trapezes offer the ideal support for MEP applications, and offer a high cost and time savings for contractors as well as a addressing any health and safety risk on site with cutting channel and CMS to size. In-house, we take care of the cutting and assembly at our facility and ship it directly to your job site, ready for installation.

Contact our technical team on for free advice and help on the best trapeze and DfMA solution for your needs.