The NEW Sealants & Adhesives

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The NEW Sealants & Adhesives.

THE NEW1: Bonding and sealing with one cartridge

The Multi MS construction adhesive is for permanently sealing joints and expansion joints indoors and outside and for adhesive use on almost any substrate. Its Mould resistant properties make it perfect for use in bathrooms and wet rooms. The adhesive has a strong, flexible bond which ensures a secure hold to all building materials coupled with a high initial tack of 180kg. For a wide range of applications and almost any substrate, such as concrete floor joints, changing rooms, bathrooms, windows, bonding of materials and metal connections. Compatible with water-based paints and synthetic varnishes, fully water proof and can be used in a submerged environment

Joining what belongs together
Adhesives can be a clever alternative to traditional fastening methods, depending on the application. fischer offers many product solutions that offer the advantage of safety, flexibility, easy installation and multifunctionality when using these connection techniques. Five complementary hybrid sealants and adhesives from fischer’s range now cover around 80 per cent of typical sealant and adhesive applications. Flex MS and Express MS are the latest additions to the product range.