Rejiband® and Rejiband® RAPIDE renew and extend their UL Certification

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Rejiband® and Rejiband® RAPIDE renew and extend their UL Certification

With this certification, Pemsa offers the market the maximum guarantee of safety and quality in its wire mesh tray system

Pemsa has obtained the renewal and extension of the UL Certification for its Rejiband® and Rejiband® Rapide wire mesh tray systems, a certification required and valued in the North American markets.

The certification develops the following aspects:

Extension of the UL certification to the Canadian standards.

Inclusion of all protection systems in the range, including the BLACK C8 Heavy Duty System.

Inclusion of all Rejiband® heights, 35, 60, 100 and 150 depths, and 60 and 100 depths of Rejiband® Rapide.

This Certification certifies that they meet the requirements of NFPA 70 and NEMA VE 1 Metal Cable Tray Systems according to the National Electrical Code, NEC of USA, as well as those required in Canada by CSA C22.2 No.126.1METAL CABLE TRAY SYSTEMS.

From a technical point of view and with regard to electrical safety, this certification proves that the Rejiband® and Rejiband® Rapide systems ensure good continuity between sections and could be used under certain conditions as a protective earth function without the use of an additional conductor. This protective conductor would serve to electrically bond the masses of an installation to the earth conductor in order to ensure protection against indirect contacts.

The value of the UL Mark

UL is one of the most recognised safety certification organisations in the world. When the UL Mark appears on a product, it means that UL has conducted the necessary tests in accordance with certain safety requirements, determining that it does not present any significant risk of fire, electric shock or other associated hazards. UL also ensures compliance over time with these safety requirements by performing the necessary periodic checks at the manufacturer’s premises. This certification extends those previously obtained by the Rejiband® and Pemsaband® tray system, whose first certification for the wire mesh tray dates back to 2006.