Rail - Enviromental Considerations

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Rail - Enviromental Considerations.

Flexicon can offer a range of systems depending on the environmental conditions systems will be exposed to.

Temperature - Intensity of heat present - high or low. Rapid changes of temperature

UV - Resistance to Ultra Violet Radiation

Corrosion - Damage caused to materials based on chemical reaction or exposure to moisture or damp / wet conditions.

Environmental performance...Material properties can change when subject to different environmental conditions potentially leading to critical failures.
Changing temperatures can lead to shrinkage or expansion, potentially causing Ingress Protection issues. When plastic materials are exposed to low temperatures they can become more brittle which can compromise fatigue life and reduce impact strength. Performance of Polyamide (nylon) conduits and fittings will be affected by humidity and water immersion since Polyamide is hygroscopic. In wet conditions conduit becomes more flexible with better impact strength and fatigue life, but the compression strength is reduced.

Flexicon’s knowledge of material properties and processing expertise gives Customers the assurance when it comes to product performance

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