RIZE is their core product at Zip-Clip

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RIZE is their core product at Zip-Clip, available in a range of safe working loads and our KL devices are available with a lockable option.

Gives the ability to produce your own made to measure wire suspension.

Use a zip-clip to attach the wire to your chosen anchor point.

The range consists of wire reels and separate locking devices with a choice of Safe Working Loads.

The Applications

•Wrapping around existing steelwork, I-beams or purlins

•Suitable for use with a wide range of fixings including eye bolt adapters, concrete fixings, deck wedges, purlin clips

•Ideal for long and varied suspension lengths

•Ideal for secondary light supports

•Marine grade stainless steel wire available for specialist applications

Safe working loads

G 15kg

S 50kg

Y 120kg

P 300kg

N 500kg

Please contact our dedicated Zip-Clip team for help and support on technical@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk or 0121 706 7777
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