Walraven RCC Clip for the Rail Industry

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Walraven RCC Clip for the Rail Industry

To answer the needs of industry engineers for effective attachment of cables to Permanent Way, Walraven present the RCC range of the range.

RCC Fixings are designed in such a way that, not only is there initial installations quick, simple and secure, but later cabling updates can be accommodated without the need to remove or replacement them.

Capable of providing anchoring solutions for a host data and power cable applications, the various types of sizes of RCC fixings makes a flexible and versatile range.

Technical Information

Material. RCC fixings are pressed from high quality CS70 spring steel strip. When fixings comprise two or more components, attachment is made using 430 gauge stainless steel rivets.


Fixings are coated with a combination of DELTA-Tone and DELTA-Seal finishes. The results is an extremely durable zinc rich base, coated with an organic resin sealant. The outstanding properties are:

- Excellent weathering resistance (500 salt spray hours when tested to ASTM B 177 and DIN 50021)

- Resistance to corrosion by chemical (acids and Iyes) and by oils, lubricants, coolants etc.

- High electric insulation properties, giving protection against bimetallic contact corrosion. 


RCC clips marked are approved by RAILTRACK plc, under their Certification of Acceptance no.PA05/993.

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