Prism the UK’s leading manufacturer of 19" rack mount enclosures

Prism are the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality server racks, data cabinets and server rack accessories specialising in 19 inch rack mount enclosures for computer networking equipment and data comms infrastructure within office and high density data centre environments.

Prism supply a wide range 19 inch server cabinets configurable in 27U, 39U, 42U, 45U and 47U formats. Each Prism server rack and data cabinet is available as a 600mm or 800mm wide / 1000mm or 1200mm deep enclosure to suit all types of 19in rackmount server products or network equipment. Prism’s range of PI data cabinets configurable in 12U, 18U, 27U, 39U, 42U, 45U and 47U.

As the UK’s market leader, Prism has the right network rack, data or server cabinet for any application with secure online ordering and next day UK delivery. Each Prism data cabinet can be pre-configured to suit your requirements and a wide range of off-the-shelf server rack accessories are available for both Prism PI cabinets and Prism FI server cabinets. 

Prism offer a wide range of bespoke products available on a 5-7 working day lead time. With our design, metal fabrication and build teams all under one roof, we are able to manufacture made-to-order products in a relatively short time period. Recent projects of this nature are non-standard sized PI data cabinets, mini PI server cabinets (12U, 18U) as well as a 3-part Co-Location cabinet

More Than Just A Cabinet

As well as providing high-quality data and server cabinets, Prism Enclosures Ltd also offers a wide range of accessories designed with the user in mind. At their warehouse in Watford, Hertfordshire they hold high levels of stock to suit our PI data and server cabinets. FI accessories are available on a 5-7 working-day lead time in line with our FI cabinets.

This post aims to aid customers in buying the appropriate accessories to fit their cabinet. Factors that will ascertain which product is suitable are cabinet range, size, environment the cabinet will be situated in as well as the components that will populate the cabinet.

Starting with the PI range, a number of accessories are universal. Most popular of these are our fan tray units. The fan trays, available in rack or roof-mounted form and in various sizes, aid airflow within our cabinets drawing air from below the unit and exhausting air out of the top. For small office environments or stand-alone cabinets, where dedicated air conditioners are not as prevalent, fan units are vital at creating airflow, needed to create a suitable working environment for rack-mounted components.
Ready-built PI cabinets, as supplied as standard, come with transport castors in order to aid delivery and siting of cabinets and not for populated cabinets. Installing heavy-duty castors or levelling feet allows a load capacity of up to 300/350 Kg. Placing a cabinet on a fixed plinth allows a load capacity of up to 1000 Kg.

To accommodate the wide-range of components required in data, server and voice environments Prism offer a number of different shelving solutions. The Fixed Rack Mounted Shelf secured at 4-points (2 front, 2 rear) has a load capacity of 35 Kg and suits the majority of tower servers. The heavy-duty option offers a load capacity of up to 50 Kg to accommodate larger components. Where greater access is required, the option of the Telescopic Shelf with 35 Kg load capacity offers another option.
For smaller components, such as switches, routers or modems, the Front Mounted Shelf is a universal, cost-effective solution with a 15 Kg load capacity. In situations where the fixed shelving dimensions do not fit the profile configuration, the 1U Adjustable Shelf provides an alternative. Adjustable from 515mm to 970mm it is suitable for 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm deep cabinets.

Where the Front Mounted Shelves are universal, the Fixed Shelves are suited to their particular cabinet;
  • 600mm deep cabinet – 450mm Fixed Shelf
  • 800mm deep cabinet – 570mm Fixed Shelf
  • 1000mm deep cabinet 720mm Fixed Shelf
The cable management options available are universal apart from jumper rings which fix to the vertical cable management infills, situated outside the 19 inch profiles are only available on 800mm wide cabinets. Cable tray, available as 150mm and 300mm options are available in lengths to match the cabinet height. Horizontal cable management bars are universal as they are installed between the 19 inch profiles.

As standard the vast majority of our accessories are black, jumper rings and plinths are painted to match the colour of the cabinet.

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