Prism Power Distribution Unit

Prism Power Distribution Unit

Prism's comprehensive range of PDUs are available in all power densities and a variety of configurations to suit all your data centre requirements. Distinguished for their quality, dependability and versatility, our PDUs come in single and dual chassis, various technology options and with a choice of inlet and outlet configurations. 

Simplicity of mounting is provided with a choice of four standard mounting modes that includes three-way clip feet for end, concealed and side mounting, alternatively unique integral pull-out front brackets for horizontal 19 or flush zero-u mounting. Since every PDU comes complete with both clip feet and pull-out brackets, the installer can have confidence that the strip can be adapted to suit any on-site rack configuration. Whether a basic product design or application specific solution, the Prism PDU system embodies quality at all stages of the manufacturing process. It’s tough yet attractive powder coated aluminium body is complimented by industrial strength polycarbonate end cap fixings, which provide inherent isolation from the rack body, an essential requirement for many communication applications.

Product Features and Benefits

- Fully shrouded neon mains switch allows localised control without the risk of accidental switching

- UK, IEC320, Schuko and French sockets readily available.

- External earth tag allows the rack or enclosure body to be earthed via the mains lead of the PDU

- Multiple mounting options via integral 19 flush mounting brackets or clip-feet supplied with every unit

- rPowerTM RS232 remote power management

- Tough yet attractive powder coated aluminium body combine with industry grade polycarbonate end caps for the ultimate in style and strength. The fixings also provide isolation between the PDU and rack body