Pemsa Rejiband Black C8

Pemsa Rejiband Black C8

Pemsa Rejiband Black C8 is the new high resistance organic mineral coating for aggressive environments 

Pemsa has developed a high resistance coating for rejiband® wire mesh tray which provides an excellent resistance to corrosion in wet and aggressive environments. It presents the following advantages.

Demonstrated with more than 1,000 hours in the neutral salt spray tests and obtained through a new manufacturing process that improves both the barrier effect against the aggressive media and the ability of self healing in damaged areas.

With the result obtained in the neutral salt spray test, more than 850 hours, the corrosion resistance is classified as Class 8, according to Table 9 of the current standard BS EN 61537 trays.

Hot dip galvanised normally ranges from between 45 to 70 microns mean coating thickness, so it should be Class 5, 6, or 7, having a lower corrosion resistance than BLACK C8.