Black C8 Friday

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Pemsa presents a high resistance coating for rejiband® wire mesh tray which provides an excellent resistance to corrosion in wet and aggressive environments.

rejiband® Black C8 presents the following advantages:

- 1. High Corrosion Resistance. Class 8, >1000 hrs.

- 2. Better features than Hot Dip Galvanised.

- 3. Increased capacity for self-healing, or self-repairing, of the protective layer.

- 4. Aesthetic appearance. Black colour with smooth finish & no spikes.

- 5. Electrical continuity with IEC 61537 

- 6. Complete installation system with a full range of brackets & accessories.

- 7. The most appropriate coating for Data Centers.

- 8. Environmentally Friendly.


Tunnels, Industry, Photovoltaic Plants, Data Centers,  Shopping Centres

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