Pemsa gains two new certifications for its new range of Rejiband Rapide® trays.

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Pemsa gains two new certifications for its new range of Rejiband Rapide® trays.

The Rejiband Rapide cable trays have gained the N mark of AENOR (Spanish Normalisation and Certification Association) and IECEE CB SCHEME certifications by AENOR, an accredited certification institution.

The N mark of AENOR is a recognised distinction of quality that ensures the compliance with the required legislation through the application of harmonised standards.

Certifications are an instrument of trust and security with mutual recognition between countries, enabling the acknowledgement of the tests carried out by the different National Organisations to gain their marks of conformity.

Both certifications are focussed on testing and certifying the technical features of this range of cable trays in accordance with the international harmonised standard of trays IEC 61537 (International Electrotechnical Commission).

These certifications guarantee the excellent technical features of Rejiband Rapide, the most important of which are:

Load capacity

Electrical continuity

Corrosion Resistance

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