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Pemsa announces the renewal of the UL Certification for the Rejiband® product range.

Pemsa announces the renewal of the UL Certification for the Rejiband® product range. This certification, required in the USA market, joins the standards already achieved by this range of the Aenor N MARK and E90 Fire resistance classification.

The updates of the UL Certifications include the following:

Extension of the UL Certification to the the Canadian CSA normative.

The renewal is based on the norm NEMA VE1 & CSA C22.2 NO. 126.1-17, METAL CABLE TRAY SYSTEMS.

It Includes all finishes of the product range, including the highly-resistant tray, BLACK C8, designed for aggressive environments and Data Center applications.

All of the depths, 35, 60 and 100 are included plus the new 150 depth that will be launched by Pemsa very soon.

The UL Classified mark, achieved by PEMSA, is the result of testing Rejiband® cable trays (35, 60, 85 & 100mm flange). It certifies that the requirements of the NEMA VE 1-2009 Metal Cable Tray Systems standards are met in accordance with the National Electrical Code, NEC of USA.

E305934 Compliance UL & CSA Rejiband Certificate

The value of the UL CLASSIFIED marking

UL is one of the most renowned safety certification institutions worldwide. A UL marked product is an item that has been successfully tested by the UL in accordance with certain safety requirements. These tests ensure the use of this product does not bring any significant risk of fire, electric shock or any other linked danger. The safety requirements are equally met in the long term, since UL performs periodic checks and verifications at the manufacturer’s premises.

This certification is added to those already obtained on the rejiband® tray system since 2006

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