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Unistrut’s strength is founded on the original metal framing product that has been an industry standard since 1924. Product developments and evolution, has led to a new core product range, that of the steel cable management portfolio, which includes offers for cable ladder, cable tray and more recently the new cable basket and steel cable trunking offers.

The addition of these new offers puts Unistrut at the forefront of the steel cable management market and enables Unistrut to provide a complete fit for purpose solution to their customers from the metal framing support structure through to the cable containment offer. With this total ability of solution selling, their engineering lead team can provide complete support through design and build phases to give maximum performance and help minimize cost.

When we look at the needs of the steel cable management portfolio in the different market sectors, we note that environmental requirements and ease of installation rate highly on the list and having a wide selection or capability enables the users to more easily accommodate the products in to their applications. DP Building Systems are one of the only suppliers of Unistrut who also offer this full advice and support service, working with you on your project.


In the modern industrial market, it has never been more important for projects to be designed with “total design life criteria” including the need for cable management and support bracketry installations to meet much longer system design life periods.

Galvanising is the most widely used form of corrosion resistance and is chosen because it offers a proven and cost effective solution for longevity of resistance to atmospheric corrosion, the rate of corrosion is fairly predictable so as the length of design life period increases so too must the thickness of galvanising.

The galvanising depth is limited by the thickness and makeup of the base material. Unistrut provides both pre-galvanised materials are for interior applications where the galvanising is applied to the base material and post-galvanised materials for exterior applications which gives a galvanised finish to a greater depth and applied as a secondary process after the product is manufactured.

For the most extreme of conditions, stainless steel products are available, allowing products to work for extended life cycles in highly corrosive areas like salty or chemical atmospheres.

More and more now ease of installation is becoming a contributory factor in the selection of cable management, how quick and easy the solution is to assemble can mean significant savings in installation labour times. With product innovations like “swaging”, “Cobra®” quick fit accessories and Kwikstrut® 3 in 1 fittings, Unistrut’s products give you the solution to maximise the time saving during installation and with the availability of both standard and “quick-fit” cable management product ranges, you can select the design to suit your cost and application needs. 

This is demonstrated in key bespoke engineered solutions created for rail tunnel applications in London, looking at curved channels to match the tunnel profile and adjustable cantilever arms to enable quick and easy level adjustment during installation and maximise performance and usage.

If you would like more information, please Click Here contact our Unistrut technical team for free support on unistrut@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk or 0121 706 7777