Here Is Nick’s Story

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Nick’s Family Wife Sasha, Son’s Isaac & Eli And Anya Nick’s Friend Have Nominated Nick To Be Honoured For Name A Cable, Here Is Nick’s Story.

Over the years, family and friends of DP Building Systems have also been affected, and that’s why the company is passionate about doing its part to support Cancer Research UK.

Nick was a truly unique individual. He was a paramedic, a mentor, a person people aspired to be and most importantly a husband, father, brother and friend.

Nick always put himself out there and fought tooth and nail for the underdog, whomever that was at that time. From the patients he attended to those he worked with he always left an massive impression and touched so many lives.

Nick knew something was wrong long before he was diagnosed and unfortunately because he was deemed too young to have bowel cancer he wasn’t diagnosed until it was too late and by that time it had spread to his spine and base of his skull. Nick died just under 3 months after he received the devastating news he was terminally ill. In that time he got married to his wonderful wife Sasha and was able to make some memories for his boys to treasure. Nick died on his 37th birthday (typical of Nick to make sure it was all done in one go, not one to like a fuss)

"As his friends we miss him so much and the pain is still there it just is easier to live with but that’s partly because we know he lives on in his boys and in the way he has shaped so many paramedics careers. His is a legacy his boys can always be proud of and to know he was loved so much is something they can always treasure." - Anya

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