New Pemsa Black C8 Finish

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Pemsa Cable Management continues to invest in innovation of its offering of anti-corrosion coatings. Adapted to each specific type of location, and depending on the corrosivity category of the environment in which the cable trays are installed, they will then meet the technical needs and requirements of each project and installation.

The patented, multi-performance Black C8 (BK8) finish is based on improved high-resistance electro-galvanising. Thanks to the advances of the new generation of passivates and high-layer seals that Pemsa has developed, it makes this finish the best solution for high resistance to corrosion in Rejiband® type mesh trays due to the following technical characteristics: 1st) It guarantees the maintenance of electrical continuity (both in the section and in the joints) of the tray system due to its inorganic coating nature (unlike paint); 2nd) it has a smooth and homogeneous surface so that its multilayer composition intrinsically blocks the appearance of zinc filaments or flakes (zinc whiskers); 3rd) it adds an aesthetic, elegant and differential component in black with respect to the standard of steel, eliminating the disadvantages that other organic coatings such as paint imply.

According to the harmonized standard IEC 61537 for cable tray systems, the Black C8 finish is classified with the highest class of corrosion resistance CLASS 8, by meeting the minimum requirement of 850 hours (more than 35 days) without red corrosion in the CNS salt spray chamber (according to the test procedure of ISO 9227). Still further, the Black C8 finish exceeds 1,500 hours of continuous salt spray (NaCl) in this accelerated corrosion test.

The Pemsa I+D Department, following the philosophy of innovation and continuous improvement that the company has as its emblem, has developed a research project based on accelerated cyclic corrosion, under the international standard ISO 11997-1, which tries to reproduce a more approximate form of atmospheric corrosion. This type of test method is already used in other productive sectors with a high level of demand, and extensive industrial experience, as is the case in the automotive and aeronautical industries. The Black C8 finish has been tested with the Cycle B test of the aforementioned ISO 11997-1 standard, where the conditions and test procedure are prescribed. In this experiment, in addition to the product sample, zinc and steel coupons or standards are placed to measure the loss of mass of the material and evaluate the aggressiveness of the chamber between cycles. The cyclical corrosion test is based on cycles of 7 days (168 h) that are repeated in a circular way, and each of the cycles is applied in 10 steps of different duration, and where the conditions are varied through 3 stages: a) Saline mist (NaCl) spray at high temperature (35ºC), b) High temperature (40ºC) and absolute relative humidity (100%), and c) Medium temperature (23ºC) and high relative humidity (50%).

Finally, this more advanced test confirms and reinforces from another technical criterion the high degree of resistance against corrosion of the Black C8 finish, by enduring a number of equivalent cycles (more than 2,600 hours), remaining with an optimal surface appearance even in the edges, intersections and bends.


Tunnels and galleries of facilities. The facilities in these interior spaces present high condensation and humidity, in addition to pollution from the combustion of vehicle gases. They can also present water leaks from the ground, therefore, they need a corrosion resistance solution that guarantees an optimal useful life. BLACK C8 is the most suitable finish for this.

Photovoltaic installations. Solar Covers. Self-consumption. Outdoor locations in rural or urban areas with medium/high humidity. BLACK C8 is configured as the optimal solution for corrosion protection for this type of installation.

Industrial facilities. Industrial spaces with medium/high production pollution that need a duration of protection to guarantee correct performance during maintenance cycles.

Data centers and telecommunications facilities. Spaces with relative temperature and humidity and high technological demands. The BLACK C8 finish prevents the formation and subsequent detachment of Zinc Whiskers or zinc microfilaments that can interfere with electronic data transmission processes.

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