New Lindapter Project Case Study - Allegiant Stadium

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New Lindapter Project Case Study

Allegiant Stadium

Lindapter Girder Clamps provided a solution for connecting a huge electronic media mesh screen to the exterior of the world’s most expensive stadium.

In 2017 the NFL team, Las Vegas Raiders, announced plans to build a world class stadium in Las Vegas and move from their old stadium in Oakland. Construction of Allegiant Stadium began in November 2017 and was completed by the summer of 2020. The stadium is one of the most impressive, high tech and expensive sports venues on the planet costing $1.8 billion.

One of the distinctive features of the stadium is the huge 275 foot electronic media mesh video screen on the exterior of the stadium. During construction it looked like a delay in connecting the steel framework for the screen would occur because the original connection method did not meet the ‘Authorities Having Jurisdiction’ (AHJ) requirement that proprietary connectors should have a 3rd party approval. The contractor contacted a local Lindapter distributor to see if they had a solution to this problem and avoid costly delays.

After receiving details of the structural columns used in the stadium construction and the expected load demands of the screens steel framework,  Lindapter’s technical support team were able to propose a solution. Several connection details were designed incorporating steel brackets and plates connected to the structural steel using Lindapter Type AAF adjustable high slip resistance girder clamps. The design included Type AAF clamps with ½” diameter grade A325 bolts in standard 2-bolt and 4-bolt configurations.

The contractor used 4,200 Type AAF Girder Clamps to connect the brackets and plates to the structural columns. Installation was quick and easy as the connection assemblies could be positioned close to where they were needed before final adjustments were made and the clamps fully tightened using a calibrated torque wrench. Before the electronic media mesh video screen was installed the clamps and assemblies were all painted black to match the colour scheme of the stadium.

Type AAF Girder Clamps provided a drilling and weld free connection that was quick and easy to install whilst working at height. They also satisfied the AHJ requirements as the Type AAF girder clamps have independent technical accreditations, including ICC-ES approval for structural and seismic design.

Key benefits

Independent technical approvals

No drilling or welding required

High slip resistance capacities

Fully adjustable in the field

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