Introducing NEW FLEXICON CONNECTABOX™ - Request your sample now.

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Introducing NEW FLEXICON CONNECTABOX™ - Request your sample now.

New IP68 - Weatherproof Connection Box Connects in seconds - give it a try and see for yourself

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Flexicon's Connectabox™ is a unique, weatherproof connection box that provides a faster and simpler way to protect circuits and all types of cabling (power and data).

The IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69 rated connection box is manufactured using modified Nylon PA6 glass reinforced. It offers a truly weatherproof solution that is lightweight, corrosion and UV resistant. This presents a practical solution for external applications or environments which are exposed to harsh external conditions or where routine maintenance may be more difficult.

Reliable and watertight connections can be made in seconds, using the fast fit Ultra connectors with Flexicon conduits, without the need for any tools, additional gels or sealants.

Flexicon Connectabox™ - Weatherproof Connection Solution video, Click Here 

• IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69 performance
• UV Resistant - suitable outdoor use
• 4x Fast fit connection points with  flexible conduits
• Corrosion resistant - suitable for wet environments
• Anti-tamper and vibration performance
• Connect up to 7 Outlets / Ways - configure depending on requirements
• Can be drilled to accept cable glands and rigid conduit
• Low Fire hazard - EN45545-2 HL3