Marshall Tufflex Aluminium Bench Trunking

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Aluminium cable containment is an excellent choice of material for office areas that need a stylish but mechanically robust trunking and for industrial, workshop and laboratory installation, particularly where a high quality of screening performance is required

Aluminium trunking systems

The physical properties of aluminium offer the building industry a high quality material that is very suitable for internal cable management distribution. Aluminium is light to handle with a mechanical strength and impact-resistance that is superior to steel. Extruded sections provide attractive profiles and products are finished with a high quality, powder-coat that provides a blemish-resistant surface.

Aluminium perimeter trunking systems provide the specifier, contractor and end-user with elegant, stream-lined containment that offers the practical advantages of inherent LSOH (low smoke zero halogen) and screening properties. 

Aluminium is an excellent choice for office and educational areas requiring a stylish yet robust trunking system, particularly effective where a high quality of screening performance and security is required. Marshall-Tufflex offer a wide range of multi-compartment aluminium trunking in different heights, designs, cable capacities and numbers of compartments so whatever the requirements, there will always be a perfect solution with Marshall-Tufflex.

Compatible with the Sterling range of accessories, including the data module socket

•Standard Sterling front plates mean a super smooth appearance

•With a double end cap, back to back configuration is easy

•Positive fixing lids mean ease of installation and allow cabling to be reconfigured at any time


• Aluminium is naturally found combined in over 270 different minerals, the chief source of which is bauxite ore.

• Its light weight means less strain on supporting structures, easier handling and reduced transport costs.

Recycling and sustainability

• 100% recyclable material.

• Can be recycled many times without loss of quality.

• Recycling facilities are well established

EMI Protection

(Electromagnetic interference)

• First class EMI screening performance especially at higher frequencies.

Fire performance

• Aluminium systems specified with polycarbonate fittings meet accepted requirements for LSOH.

• Withstands high temperatures with a melting point of 655°C (1211°F).

• Polycarbonate fittings are fire rated to UL94V0.

• ABS fittings are fire rated to UL94V0.

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