Marshall Tufflex launches Wire Mesh Basket Cablelay

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Wire Basket Cablelay is positioned within lengths of wire basket and tray to protect cables from protrusions, sharp edges, rough and

uneven surfaces, pressure points or kinking ridges and to protect the integrity of the data cables.

Damaged cabling considerably slows down system performance, causes loss of data and costs hours of additional work time.

Marshall Tufflex Cablelay range of products, are designed to minimise the risk of damage often caused during installation, and the subsequent remedial work and protects the

cabling for the life of the system.

They have 2 systems available:

• Cablelay Matting

• Cablelay Rigid

Cablelay Matting

Cablelay Matting is lightweight 6mm mat which is clean and flexible, ensuring easy, speedy installation resulting in time and cost savings.

• Protects cables from pressure points and crushing which can damage the performance of a structured cabling system 

• Protects cables from sharp edges, snagging, protrusions and ridges to help maintain the performance of the cables

• Cablelay Matting has a Class 0 fire standard which meets British Building Regulations

• Available in a wide range of widths to match your wire basket installation

• Rolls are joined using Cablelay Tape which maintains the Fire Standard and prevents joint movement

Cablelay Ridge

Cablelay Rigid is a 3mm LS0H compressed foam sheet available in a variety of widths to suit your wire basket installation

• Lightweight, strong and flexible

• Protects cables from pressure points in wire basket and sharp edges

• LS0H (low smoke and halogen free)

• Cablelay Rigid conforms to Class 1 (British Standards test 476 part 7)

• Available in a wide range of widths to match theeir wire basket (60mm – 600mm)

If you would like more information, please Click Here or contact our technical team for free support on or 0121 706 7777