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Marco in Education

Marco continues to consolidate its position as the UK’s leading supplied of cable containment solutions to the education sector.

Education remains a mainstay of the Marco business, as government investment into new infrastructure and the refurbishment of existing education facilities continues. Marco’s products have proved a perfect fit in this environment from  both a functional and aesthetic perspective.

Demand for higher bandwidth and faster internet speeds impacts the volume of cabling required everywhere, and Marcos products are able to meet these demands with full compliance for structured cabling systems, including CAT6, CAT6A and CAT7. Simultaneously, the bright, white, modern and curved aesthetics of Marco’s Elite range blend seamlessly into a typical modern day education setting.

Marcos domination of this sector is apparent across the whole of the UK, and Marco’s product are increasingly being considered the perfect specification

Notable Projects

• University of Oxford Statistics Building • University of Bristol • University of Portsmouth • Swansea University • Reading University (Student Accommodation) • University of Exeter (Student Accommodation) • University of Liverpool (Student Accommodation) • University of Birmingham (Student Accommodation) • University of Leeds (Student Accommodation) • Michael Sobell Sinai School, Aberdere • Farnley Park Academy • Firbeck Academy, Nottingham • Oakham School, Leicestershire • Francis Coombe Academy • Sir William Perkins Academy • Queens Hill Primary, Nottingham


Marco’s uPVC trunking systems are available with Marco’s built in Hygieia protection

Marco’s Hygieia is a built in protective element, which is incorporated into the uPVC compound during manufacture. The Hygieia compound utilises a silver ion technology, providing anti-microbial protection throughout, creating a defence against 99.9% of harmful bacteria growth. 

This protects against and prevents the growth of, bacteria, fungi, mildew and moulds, including:

• MRSA • E-Coli • Klebsiella Pneumoniae • Streptococci

Due to the Hygieia element being incorporated into the PVC during manufacture, and therefore an integral part of the trunking, Marco can ensure there is no degradation of performance during use, even if the trunking becomes scratched or damaged, even years after initial installation.

All Hygieia products are tested in accordance with ISO22196:2007, which specifies the method of evaluating the antibacterial activity of treated plastic products and is in compliance with all relevant European regulations.

All Marco products supplied with Hygieia protection are packaged in a blue protective film, to protect and differentiate it from standard uPVC products.

Full details of the tests are available on request

DDA Part M

All of Marco’s uPVC products are designed to be able to achieve full DDA compliance when required

The Part M building regulations, 2000, ammendment for the ‘Access and use of Buildings’ document outlines various regulations, including the Disability Discrimination Act of 2005, which is designed to assist those with visual impairments in public buildings.

Marco is able to supply DDA compliant uPVC trunking products, through the use of contrasting lids and plates. The use of contrasting colours allows the visually impaired to differentiate between the trunking body, and the potentially hazardous electricity outlets.

Marco is able to supply it’s trunking systems in three different colours, which can be mixed and matched to create full DDA compliance. Full DDA compliant specification can be supplied throughout the quoting process

Marco also manufacture a range of DDA socket plates, which fit over socket boxes, to create a coloured frame around a socket.

Marco’s trunking systems are available in White, Light grey and Charcoal, and DDA plates are available in Light Grey, Charcoal and Light Blue

Pre-Assembled uPVC units

In an effort to expand and consolidate our service delivery, Marco offer bespoke trunking solutions as part of our pre-fabricated services.

A wide range of uPVC trunking systems are available, in a number of configurations to suit any environment.

Many projects within the education sector, utilise repeat specifications, specifically on student accommodation projects, where there may be multiple rooms with the same layout.

Marco is able to supply our uPVC trunking systems as pre-cut and pre-assembled lengths to suit the requirements of a project, with each assembly supplied as a complete unit, featuring all of Marco’s signature product benefits, including pre-punched knockouts on the trunking base, and necessary cable segregation and accessories supplied.

Wherever possible, Marco is looking for ways to make our products and services as fast and as cost effective as possible, and our pre-assembled units are just one time saving innovation we have on offer.

For more information on the range, contact our team today

Case Study - Treolar College.

Marco has supplied its DDA compliant Elite Compact trunking to contractors Baudelaire, carrying out works on a large scale extension at the internationally renowned Treolar School and College.

The Treloar Trust provides education, care, therapy, medical support and independent training to young people with special needs from all over the UK and overseas. 

There was also an important requirement in meeting DDA compliance, and Marco was able to offer this through the use of a grey centre lid. The bright white colour of the Trunking also sat well with the clean lines and general design of the building. 

Contractor Baudelaire, has carried out all electrical works at the project on behalf of main Contractor, Osborne. Paul Sawyer, Director at Baudelaire said: “This was a complex two stage project that became challenging as we began to look at accessible routes across the building. The design was altered and throughout these changes, we were able to use the Marco DDA ELITE 3 uPVC Trunking, which allowed us to meet all the bends and various gradients for the Power and Data cable distribution requirements.”

Steve Davis, National Business Developer for Marco, said: “It is good to see the flexibility and workability of our products used in-situ at a site such as this.

Treloar School and College is a very special place that provides its young users with excellent facilities in which to develop and grow on both a social and educational basis. And we at Marco are extremely proud to be associated with the continued charitable work of the Trust.”

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