Marco Cable Management - Wire Basket Tray

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Marco Cable Management is the largest manufacturer of steel wire cable tray in the UK, and has a broad range of products and accessories to house any kind of cabling network in a number of installation environments.

Available in electro-zinc, pre-galvanised, powder-coated and hot-dip galvanised, Marco’s steel wire cable tray is offered in three standard depths, 30mm, 55mm and 106mm, complemented by a wide range of accessories and fittings to join and support the tray.

In comparison to conventional cable tray, Marco’s steel wire cable tray is light in weight, enabling easier on-site fabrication and modifications to be made.

The design philosophy of Marco’s tray is to be lightweight, quick and cost effective, this philosophy is complemented by a range of fast fix accessories which have been specially designed to keep installation as quick and convenient as possible, therefore reducing on-site costs.

Marco’s entire steel wire cable tray range is manufactured in a state of the art, custom-built factory in the UK, and high stock levels kept at all times.

Multi finish

Marco's steel wire cable tray is available in four finishes, Electro Zinc, Pre-galvanised, Powder coated and Hot-dip galvanised.

Range of widths

A large range of widths is available for each size of tray, ranging from the smaller 50mm trays to larger high capacity 600mm trays.

3M as standard

Each length of Marco's steel wire cable tray is provided in 3M as standard. Lengths can easily be cut down to size on site and fabricated using a number of accessories.

Full range of accessories

Marcos steel wire cable tray has a whole range of supporting accessories which cater to almost any on site requirement.


Marco's steel wire cable tray system has been designed to save time on site, with a range of fast-fix fittings and accessories, taking mere seconds to install.

Available as BIM objects

Marco's entire range of steel wire cable tray products are available as BIM object downloads from our website.

Please contact our dedicated Marco technical team for more information or help with your solution on, 0121 706 7777 or by visiting their online suppliers shop Click Here