Marco Elite 60 uPVC Trunking

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With its 200 x 63mm profile, Elite 60 is the largest trunking available in the Elite range.

Able to accommodate up to 60 CAT6 cables or over 100 CAT5 cables in its large centre compartment, Elite 60 has been designed from the ground up to serve as a perfect fit for installations which require a high capacity containment solution.

Elite 60 is manufactured from the same high impact resistant uPVC compound as other Marco trunking models and has a full range of pre-fabricated fittings and accessories

3 Compartment

Elite 60 is the largest capacity trunking in the Elite range, its two large compartments are accompanied by the smaller top opening lid compartment.

200 x 63mm profile

The largest of the Elite range, designed to cope with installations requiring a greater number of power and data cables

Greater Capacity

Elite 60 has been designed to carry a greater number of power and data cables, its main compartments able to house over 60 CAT6 data cables or over 100 CAT5e.

Extra Compartments

Additional dividing strips can be added to increase the trunking to up to 5 compartments.

DDA Compliance attainable

Elite 60 can accommodate Marco's contrasting centre lids, which can be used to attain DDA compliance throughout.

Available as BIM objects

Elite 60 BIM objects are available as part of Marco's uPVC BIM download on our website.

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