Lindapter - Pioneering safe, high strength steelwork connections for the NUCLEAR INDUSTRY

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Lindapter - Pioneering safe, high strength steelwork connections for the NUCLEAR INDUSTRY

Understand how Lindapter have been supporting the Nuclear Industry

Who are Lindapter?

For over 80 years, Lindapter has pioneered the design and manufacture of steel-to-steel connections, providing a faster and safer alternative to on-site drilling or welding. Lindapter products are used worldwide on new build,  refurbishment and decommissioning nuclear projects

Typical Connection Applications

Pipe Supports. 

Quickly and precisely align heavy duty pipework with Lindapter’s highly adjustable connections.

Lindapter support assemblies allow piping to be simply clamped to structural or secondary steel sections for a fast and safe installation. 

Piping can be installed without drilling or welding and no interference to plant productivity. The ability to adjust Lindapter assemblies on-site is particularly beneficial as pipes can be easily positioned for speed and convenience

Electrical & Instrumentation

These connections are versatile, allowing cable management systems to be easily set up without drilling or welding

Lindapter provides assemblies for securing cable trays, fire protection, sprinkler systems and electrical 

equipment from primary or secondary steel sections. 

Cable trays or equipment can be secured in simple tensile arrangements or vertical column applications withstanding frictional loads. Fast adjustability allows multiple cable tray / ladder systems to be easily aligned

Structural Steel Frames

The Hollo-Bolt is the original structural steel expansion bolt which requires access from one side only.

The Hollo-Bolt by Lindapter provides a convenient alternative to welding or through-bolting and is ideal for Structural Hollow Sections (SHS) or other sections where access is available from one side only. 

Hollo-Bolt is the only expansion bolt for structural steel with full seismic approval from ICC-ES for all Seismic Design Categories (A to F).

Temporary Props & Supports

Secure assemblies that are subject to lateral loads without damaging the steelwork

Contractors utilise Lindapter’s clamping systems to temporarily connect supporting steelwork in a wide range of applications. The Girder Clamp is frequently used to secure arrangements that are subject to lateral loads, but can also withstand tensile, frictional and combined loading.

Steel Flooring

Lindapter’s range of floor connections quickly secure  metal plate flooring or grating to the supporting steelwork

A range of innovative fixings that are ideal for connecting steel flooring, handrails and barriers to supporting steelwork without on-site drilling or welding. 

Installation can be carried out by just one person  and requires access to one side only, eliminating the need for expensive scaffolding or elevated floors.

Lifting & Rigging

Lindapter lifting points support the lifting and rigging of heavy equipment. Bespoke assemblies can be designed

Lindapter’s versatile lifting points are used for lifting and rigging  equipment and are suitable for temporary or permanent applications. Adjustable systems are available off-the shelf, Lindapter can also design and manufacture a bespoke solution for your specific loading requirements

“Sellafield Ltd have utilized Lindapter Hollo-Bolts in a number of facilities particularly within RHS connections. A Good Practice Note (Ref: CS&A GPN 005) has been issued by Sellafield Ltd to  give advice and endorse the appropriate use of these bolts. In addition, Sellafield makes significant use of Lindapter steel 

fixings for secondary steelwork and services support.” 

Sellafield Ltd

Hollo-Bolt is the only expansion bolt to have full seismic approval from ICC-ES.

Lindapter’s Girder Clamp is the only steelwork clamping system to have the CE Mark approval.

Lloyd’s Register Type Approved products have been approved for vibration resistance.

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