Lindapter is pleased to announce that all our CE Marked product

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Lindapter is pleased to announce that all our CE Marked products are now additionally UKCA Marked to ensure continued compliance with both EU and Construction Products Regulations.

Being one of the first companies in the UK in its industry to gain both a CE and UKCA Mark via the ETA/UKTA route, Lindapter further demonstrates its commitment to quality and transparency of product performance by increasing the number of independent accreditations. This provides further reassurance to construction professionals working with Lindapter as product performance is independently tested and confirmed.

As the United Kingdom (UK) continues its exit from the European Union (EU), it has adopted new regulatory frameworks to replace those enforced by the EU. The new UKCA Mark will be a mandatory requirement in Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales) for all previously CE Marked products. 

The government has extended the deadline for accepting CE Marking for construction products from the original 1 January 2023 to the new date of 30 June 2025. The statement just extends the time during which the CE Mark will be recognised and does not postpone the introduction of the UKCA Mark for construction products introduced to the GB market.

CE Marking is still in effect in Northern Ireland since the territory is in line with the European Union's single market for goods. For products placed on the market in Northern Ireland, Lindapter continues its third-party conformity assessment by an EU Technical Assessment Body to demonstrate compliance with the relevant standards, therefore we will continue to affix the CE Mark to these products.

As part of Lindapter's efforts to demonstrate compliance with the new regulation, the company commissioned a UK Approved Body to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of its Factory Production Control System. 

Being one of the first in the construction industry to obtain both CE and UKCA Mark via the ETA/UKTA route has allowed Lindapter to accelerate its expansion ahead of its competitors as the company continues its tradition of proactively responding to market changes.

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