Lindapter Type HD clips secure low speed rails throughout Hitachi's Production Facility

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Lindapter's size M20 Type HD clips were recently chosen to secure low speed rails in different areas of Hitachi's production facility at Newton Aycliffe in County Durham. 

The clips securely fastened the rails outside the depot building and along the edges of the bogie drops to allow Engineers access to work underneath the trains. 

Lindapter’s Type HD was chosen to secure low speed rails at Hitachi’s £82 million train manufacturing and assembly plant in Newton Aycliffe, where the latest InterCity Express (IEP) trains and AT200 commuter trains are to be made. The Type HD rail fixing was specified due to its high resistance to lateral loads and the convenient lateral adjustability during the installation process that results in faster track assembly.

Lindapter’s M20 size Type HD Hard Clips were chosen to secure rails throughout the building in multiple applications to allow trains to be transported into different areas of the 44,000 m2 facility. Contractors also used the Type HDs to secure rails on the edges of work pits and on top of beams on plinths, allowing production workers access to the trains at different heights during the various stages of manufacture. In addition to this, several tracks were secured outside of the building using Lindapter’s high strength fixings, which were manufactured from SG iron and hot dip galvanised for additional durability and corrosion resistance.

The Lindapter Type HD is a family of four rail clips: ‘Spring’, Soft’ ‘Hard’ and 'Isolated' all of which facilitate quick and precise rail alignment by allowing a high degree of lateral adjustability. The Type HD is easy to install and will fit most rail types in low speed applications.

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