Lindapter Type HB Hollo-Bolt™ Countersunk Head

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Lindapter Type HB Hollo-Bolt™ Countersunk Head

Lindapter Hollo-Bolt Countersunk Head is an expansion bolt that only requires access from one side of the Structural Hollow Section (SHS).

Hollo-Bolt expansion bolts require access to only one side of the Structural Hollow Section (SHS), and offer a faster alternative to welding or through-bolting, enabling contractors to reduce construction time and labour costs. Installation is quickly carried out by inserting into pre-drilled steelwork and tightening with a torque wrench. Also suitable for blind connections where access is available from one side only. The 'Countersunk Head' version also ensures that the fixing protrusion from the steelwork is kept to a minimum whilst still using a plain drilled hole in the supporting section and the outer plate / bracket.

The larger M16 Hollo-Bolts are optimised for high strength structural connections and feature a unique High Clamping Force (HCF) mechanism for superior performance

Features & Benefits

Minimal visible head protrusion.

Fast, cost saving installation from one side.

For square, rectangular and circular hollow sections.

High resistance to shear and tension.

Unique High Clamping Force design (size M16).

Low temperature tested to -45°C (carbon steel variants).

Other head types available

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