Lindapter Steelwork Clamping Solutions - Railway Station Fittings

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Lindapter Steelwork Clamping Solutions - Railway Station Fittings

Find out how Lindapter’s solutions are designed for Railway Station Fittings

Railway stations feature a wide range of fittings that must be secured to a station building’s  steelwork.

Lindapter provides labour saving connection solutions for connecting these essential elements to structural and secondary steel beams. 

From lighting and security devices to visual display equipment, Lindapter has a proven connection solution.

Typical applications include:

Securing platform displays

Suspending cable trays

Fastening signage

Connecting lighting and auditory equipment

Adjustable on-site:

Connections can be delivered pre-assembled then adjusted on-site for accurate positioning

Connections can be loosened and tightened to allow precise alignment

Potential to adjust the connection without damaging the steelwork

No welding or drilling:

Specialist labour is not required

No hot work permits

Fast, cost effective and safe installation

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