Lindapter Steel-to-steel connections for the Power Industry

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Steel-to-steel connections for the Power Industry by Lindapter.

For over 80 years, Lindapter has pioneered the design and manufacture of steel-to-steel connections, providing a faster and safer alternative to drilling or welding in the field. Lindapter products are used worldwide on new build, refurbishment and decommissioning power projects.

Conventional Methods vs The Lindapter Method.

Conventional Methods Welding, drilling or bolting

No adjustability without additional work, e.g. repeated tack welding and grinding

Damage to steel and coatings

Time consuming

Power source required

Requires skilled workforce and specialist equipment

Requires hot work permits and results in area closures

Lindapter Method Steel clamping

Fast installation and lower labor costs

Adjustable for precise alignment

Steel is undamaged, maintaining strength and corrosion protection

Power not required so all areas are accessible

Installation requires hand tools only, reducing labor and equipment costs

No hot work therefore permits are not required!

Pipe Supports

Lindapter support assemblies allow piping to be simply clamped to structural or secondary steel sections for a fast and safe installation.

Piping can be installed without drilling or welding and no interference to plant productivity. The ability to adjust Lindapter assemblies in the field is particularly beneficial as pipes can be easily positioned for speed and convenience.

Electrical & Instrumentation

Lindapter provides assemblies for securing cable trays, fire protection, sprinkler systems and electrical equipment from primary or secondary steel sect ions.

Cable trays or equipment can be secured in simple tensile arrangements or vertical column applications withstanding frictional loads. Fast adjustability allows multiple cable tray / ladder systems to be easily aligned.

HSS (Hollow Structural Sections)

Hollo-Bolt by Lindapter provides a convenient alternative to welding or through-bolting and is ideal for HSS or other structural steel shapes where access is available from one side only.

Hollo-Bolt is the only expansion bolt for structural steel approved by ICC-ES for resisting seismic and wind loads in all Seismic Design Categories (A through F) in compliance  with the International Building Code

Steel-to-steel Connections

or welding in the field, designed to reduce installation time and labor costs. High strength permanent (or temporary) connections are quickly achieved by clamping two steel sections together.

Take advantage of Lindapter’s Free Connection Design service to receive a drawing of the best solution for your requirement

Steel Flooring

A range of innovative clamps that are ideal for connecting steel flooring to supporting steel without drilling or welding in the field.

Installation can be carried out by just one person and requires access to one side only, eliminating the need for expensive scaffolding or elevated floors. 

Material Handling

A variety of products for attaching overhead cranes, and other lifting and rigging equipment to structural steel beams. Vibration resistant clamps are used for fastening conveyor systems and a range of connectors are available for securing low speed rail.

Monopoles & Lattice Towers

Lindapter’s Hollo-Bolts and slip resistant clamps are often used to easily attach equipment to monopoles and lattice towers. Typical applications include reinforcement systems, communication modules, electrical cables, anti-climbing devices, access ladders and fall arrest systems.

Solar Arrays

Adjustable clamps make it easier to precisely align and secure solar panels to supporting steel beams, while Hollo-Bolts can be used to connect directly to HSS frames without welding. Frequently used to mount panels onto supporting framework and then attach the assembled units to structural frames.

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