Lindapter Oil and Gas Industry Solutions

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Lindapter Oil and Gas Industry Solutions

Safely securing steelwork for over 75 years

Lindapter products are used extensively across the globe in onshore and offshore applications, on new build and refurbishment projects including:-

Storage Tanks





Loading Jetty

Offshore Platforms


10 Reasons to use Lindapter connections

No on-site drilling or welding

Reduced installation time and cost (less man hours)

On-site adjustability (no need for tack welding & grinding)

No damage to steelwork & coatings Hot work permits not required (suitable in hazardous areas)

Only hand tools needed, power not required 

Sustainable construction (can dismantle for reconstruction or multi cycling)

Technical support includes free connection design

Independently approved safe working loads

Product approvals and project experience with major oil & gas companies

Whether securing structural steel sections, heavy duty pipes, electrical instrumentation or flooring,

Lindapter has a proven, accredited connection solution.

Established in 1934, Lindapter International is the world’s innovator of steelwork clamping systems, eliminating the requirement to drill or weld steel. In comparison to traditional methods, hot work permits are not needed.

This allows a safer, faster installation in hazardous environments, whilst significantly reducing costs.

Comprehensive technical support from Lindapter’s experienced engineers, ensures an efficient specification process with a free design service and even bespoke product development, passionately referred to as

‘Engineered Solutions

Piping Support

Piping can be installed without drilling or welding and with no interference to plant productivity. The ability to adjust 

Lindapter assemblies on-site is particularly beneficial as pipes can be easily positioned for speed and convenience. 

Maximum Loads

250kN for a standard 4 bolt assembly.

(Based on M24 Type AF, grade 10.9 bolts)

Working Temperatures

(dependent on clamp material & bolt grade)

Minimum -30°C Maximum +350°C

Vibration Resistance

Assemblies featuring the Lindapter Type A, B, or LR fixings are approved by the Lloyd's Register, following tests of tensile, frictional, vibration and shock performance.

Corrosion Protection Options

Bright zinc plated Plastic coated

Hot dip galvanised Sheradised

Stainless steel

Electrical & Instrumentation

Cable trays or equipment can be secured in simple tensile arrangements, or in vertical column applications withstanding frictional loads. Fast adjustability allows multiple cable tray / ladder systems to be easily setup to intersect with each other.

Applications include:

Cable trays and ladders

Piping and conduit supports

Instrumentation and associated cabling

Junction boxes and cabling

Fast, time saving installation

Lindapter connections reduce the installation time on EPC contracts, subsequently increasing site safety as projects require less man-hours


The Girder Clamp symbolises the Lindapter philosophy perfectly; boldly challenging the need to drill or weld, when a safe, high strength connection can be quickly accomplished by clamping two steel sections together.

Although the concept is simple, Lindapter products undergo complex design and testing as the experienced Research & Development team constantly refine, improve and invent to achieve greater product performance an gain more international safety approvals.

Standard and bespoke assemblies are specified on oil & gas projects around the world, connecting secondary steelwork, whatever shape and size and in a wide variety of applications

Floor Fixings

Access to the underside of the flooring is not required, eliminating the need for costly scaffolding or elevated floors. Installation can be carried out quickly and safely from above, often by one person. Lindapter floor fixings significantly reduce installation costs in comparison to other methods such as shot firing.


For chequer plate floor

Unique stepped design locks under the flange

Safely removed for maintenance access

Lloyd's Register Type Approved

Hot dip galvanised

Available in stainless steel


For open bar grating

High-strength cast body

Lloyd's Register Type Approved

Fits a wide range of beams and grating

Hot dip galvanised

Type 1055

Bespoke product for Amec / Shell

For fitting solid plate to open-grid flooring

Plates can be positioned at any orientation

Permanent or temporary fixing

Stainless steel

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