Lindapter Innovative steel connection solutions for Fabricators

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Lindapter Innovative steel connection solutions for Fabricators.

When compared to more traditional methods such as welding or drilling and bolting, Lindapter’s unique solution to connecting steelwork saves time, both on and off site, 

reducing associated risks and overall project costs. The installation process allows for adjustability, reducing the need for expensive and timely surveys and can be installed using standard hand tools without causing any damage to the steelwork and finishes.

Stage 1: Pre-Construction

Lindapter offers FREE technical assistance in-person or online. 

Our unique connection solutions improve the overall efficiency of your project by reducing risk and delays on-site, helping you save time and money

Stage 2: Tender

Lindapter’s adjustable solutions eliminate the need for costly detailed surveys and can lower your project costs. We also provide assistance with Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs), so you can focus on other important aspects of the project.

Stage 3: Design & Detailing

Lindapter can detail a FREE bespoke connection based on your specific requirements. Our Technical Support Engineers supply FREE customised 2D CAD drawings and 3D BIM compatible files to complement your designs.

Stage 4: Fabrication

Lindapter products are known for their adjustability and versatility, resulting in efficient and cost-effective solutions.  Therefore, our products remove any alignment issues and delays on site, ensuring seamless workflow in the workshop

Stage 5: On-site Installation

Challenges can occur on-site when connecting steel using traditional methods. Lindapter’s Engineers offer on-site visits to provide specialised advice and solutions which minimise project delays and associated risks

Tender: How we can help...

Our experienced engineers can work with you on your next  tender to design the perfect connection detail. They will recommend the correct product for your specific requirement and assist with route to supply for costs

Fabrication: How we can help...

Our efficient solutions speed up the fabrication process and ensure the continuation of work through the workshop. For support, reach out to our team of expert engineer

Benefits of Lindapter's Solutions:

Up to 50% faster than site welding 

Up to 28% faster than drilling and bolting.

Up to 35% cost savings compared to site drilling.

Available in Tekla Warehouse: Hollo-Bolt Plug-In Tool

Adjustable installation process with standard hand tools, no damage to steelwork or finishes.

Safer connections with precise detailing, minimising alignment issues.

Assistance at every stage of the construction process, from pre-construction to on-site installation.

Engineered Solutions and Technical Presentations available.

Sustainable solutions for a greener future.

Contact our technical team on for free advice and help on the best Lindapter solution for your needs.

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