Lindapter Case Study - Whitemoor Power Station

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Lindapter Case Study - Whitemoor Power Station

Lindapter Girder Clamps provided a solution for securing steel framework to support heavy duty pipes

Location: Selby, North Yorkshire, UK

Product: Type AF & Type A Girder Clamps

Market: Power Generation

Client: REG Bio-Power

Whitemoor power station, located near Selby in North Yorkshire, has the capacity to provide 18 megawatts of electricity to the UK National Grid. 

The power plant is one of REG Bio-Power’s fleet of renewable energy generating stations in the UK and uses waste cooking oil to create a bioliquid, which is then burnt to produce eco-friendly energy.

During the construction of the power plant engineers needed a safe and secure method of connecting steel sections together to create pipe support structures that would carry heavy-duty pipelines around the plant. 

Engineers required the supports to be adjustable to allow for pipe installation tolerances, this was particularly important at critical locations such as pipeline joints. 

Another consideration was the protective galvanised  coating of the pipes, which needed to remain undamaged during installation. This, along with Health & Safety considerations, ruled out welding as an option

Design Solution

Lindapter worked with the engineer to design several simple but effective connection details using a variety of Lindapter Girder Clamps, each clamp optimised to suit the required application. 

Type AF high slip resistance girder clamps in a four-bolt connection were specified for both tensile and frictional connections of the heavy duty pipes to the support structures. Type A girder clamps were used for tensile connections of smaller, lighter duty pipes.


The adjustability of the girder clamps allowed the contractor to slide and align the steel sections of the support structure into the exact positions required, before the clamps were tightened with hand tools. 

Brackets around the pipes were then connected to the support structure using a Girder Clamp connection. 

Once again the adjustability gave the contractor flexibility to overcome any onsite alignment issues.


Lindapter girder clamps provided a drilling and weld free connection that prevented any damage to the galvanised coating of the pipes. The contractor found the process of aligning the support structure and pipe brackets quick and easy due to the adjustability of the clamps. 

The girder clamps have independent technical accreditations, including the CE mark (ETA 13/0300), TÜV and Lloyd’s Register approvals and in addition the Type AF has ICC-ES approval. 

These accreditations verify the load and slip capacities that led to a safe installation.

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