Lindapter Case Study - Amazon Distribution Warehouse

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Lindapter Case Study - Amazon Distribution Warehouse.

Lindapter provided a solution for securing building services to the roof decking profile

Panattoni, an international real estate developer specialising in industrial real estate and warehouses, acquired Symmetry Park in 2020 and were given permission for a huge new warehouse to be built. 

Due to open at the end of 2021 the £400m warehouse will be occupied by Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, and will provide over 2 million square feet of warehouse space.

With such a large-scale project the client was keen to make sure the warehouse came in on budget and so a decision was taken early on in the design phase to specify a composite slab. Made up of steel decking profiles that are fixed to the primary steel beams and then filled with concrete, composite slabs offer design flexibility as well as a cost-effective alternative to traditional forms of construction. The composite slab would also be required to carry all the necessary building services including pipes and electrical cables.

Eireng Consulting Engineers specified a composite slab with a MetFloor decking profile manufactured by Construction Metal Forming (CMF). The dovetail re-entrant profile of the MetFloor profile along with Lindapter’s Type MF decking fixing allows for easy installation of building services. 

The Type MF is a high quality, cost-effective fixing that comes in two parts (bracket and wedge) and provides a zero-impact method of connection that avoids delamination and damage to the concrete deck.

After the concrete deck had been poured and reached full strength the contractor could begin installing the Type MF decking fixings. The Type MF consists of a profiled bracket and threaded wedge installed with an appropriate threaded rod and nut.

The bracket and wedge were pre-assembled onto the threaded rod, the bracket was then inserted into the re-entrant channel of the decking profile and the wedge rotated until tight against the sides of the channel. 

To complete the installation the nut on the threaded rod was tightened up to the bracket to secure the whole connection and provide the contractor a system from where the building services could be easily and quickly suspended.

The specification of Type MF decking fixings along with the MetFloor decking provided a quick, cost effective and easy to install connection. 

It also provided a zero-impact method of connecting the building services that avoided delamination and damage to the decking.