Linapter Façades & Cladding Solutions

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Linapter Façades & Cladding Solutions.

Whether securing precast concrete panels, glazing frames, GRC cladding or other architectural façades, Lindapter has a proven connection solution.

Established in 1934, Lindapter International is the world’s pioneer of steelwork clamping systems, eliminating the need to drill or weld steel on-site. Lindapter connections can be temporary or permanent, adjusted on-site and do not damage steelwork; ideal for fixing elements of a building exterior to the structural steel frame.

Hot rolled structural sections are manufactured with inevitable variations in exact dimensions, while steel erection techniques will create unavoidable tolerances in straightness along beam length and other dimensions. 

Accurate adjustability during installation is therefore an essential prerequisite of the cladding support system.

Lindapter facilitates this requirement by allowing the cladding contractor to simply slide the bracket or other fixing assembly along a vertical or horizontal structural

beam with precise alignment, before tightening the Lindapter components with a torque wrench. This method enables the rapid installation of large areas of cladding and significantly reduces the period of crane operation.

Steel to Steel Connections

Behind a structure’s façade, there is often a supporting steel framework. Lindapter Girder Clamps provide a faster alternative to traditional connection methods, compatible

with almost any shape and size of section, in a wide variety of applications.

The Girder Clamp symbolises Lindapter’s philosophy perfectly; boldly challenging the need to drill or weld, when a safe, high strength connection can be quickly accomplished by clamping two steel sections together.

Although the concept is simple, Lindapter products undergo complex design and testing as the experienced Research & Development team constantly refine, improve

and invent to achieve greater product performance, verified by independent product approvals.