Legrand Reaffirms Commitment to Cisco's Building Solutions with New Product Development

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Legrand Reaffirms Commitment to Cisco's Building Solutions with New Product Development

Legrand®, a global leader in high-performance network infrastructure solutions, is reaffirming its commitment to Cisco's Digital Building Solutions as an ecosystem partner, formerly known as the Cisco Digital Ceiling Framework, with the on-going development of new products to support the evolving intelligent building landscape.

With the growth of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) lighting installations, a new demand is being placed on a building's structured cabling installation as it supports the power and data convergence of previously disparate building systems. To assist in this new market development, last month Legrand launched new field-terminated plugs, available in Category 5e, 6 and 6a, that enable RJ45 plug termination of horizontal cabling to enable a direct connection to various PoE-powered end devices such as wireless access points, IP cameras and LED lighting nodes.

In addition, Legrand has collaborated with Superior Essex®, our cabling partner, on rounding out their PowerWise™ 1G solution with new factory terminated PowerWise cable assemblies. With larger 22-gauge copper wires, the PowerWise solution reduces the amount of power loss in the cabling, maximizing the amount of delivered power to the end device. With the growing number of converged power and data applications connected to the building network, Legrand and Superior Essex offer the industry's only cabling solution designed specifically for these converged requirements and their end devices.

The development of these new cabling products comes on the heels of Legrand's recent launch of its Eliot (Electricity + IoT) program in North America. Eliot is a global Legrand IoT program that brings together Legrand's worldwide expertise to advance connectivity and intelligence in the built environment, mobilize Legrand's capabilities around the word, speed development of Legrand connected devices and amplify communications wherever the Internet of Things can enhance value for all users. For more information on Eliot, visit Legrand.us/eliot.

About Legrand, North America

Legrand is a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. Its comprehensive offering of solutions for use in commercial, industrial and residential markets makes it a benchmark for customers worldwide. Innovation for a steady flow of new products with high added value is a prime vector for growth, including, in particular, connected devices stemming from Legrand's global Eliot (Electricity and IoT) program.

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